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Working with Kappa

I recovered the kappa Factory application from Isha Asanti. I tried to work with this program in my desktop apple computer, but it was not possible. The same problem appeared when using my Mac Book. So I decided to use one of the Windows-based computer in System Biology -in the common area, next to the place where the color printer is-. This time the program worked as expected. I run the tutorial and I obtained what is explained in the text. I decided then to open a new account in my Mac Book computer and installed kappa there. This time the system works. I will work then with the system before having the meeting with Walter. It seems that the systems will be the right tool to work in the project with Alex de Luna.

My text on Elucidation of Functional Organization

Today I will continue with my text, and I think that I will finish at the end of the day. I will include some words on the application of visualization techniques and the physical limitations involving time escales.


I need to focalize my attention in the friction AKT related phenomenon. I will read again the papaers (more specifically the one concerning the muscular phenomen, since is in this paper where the oscillatory behavior plays an interesting role in terms of clockwise hysteresis).