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Fluorescence microscopy

Well I took my mini workshop on fluorescence microscopy. It was an interesting basic course. The purpose was to learn some concepts on fluorescence microscopy, like the way the microscopes works, the particularities of the light phenomenon involved, teh specification of fluorophores, and so on. I think that I will contact the guys -girls- charged of the NIC@HMS to know if it is possible to take some images to record in my photodatabase.

Meeting with Alex de Luna Fors

The meeting with Alex was very interesting. She show me the automatic experimental setup that he is using to fulfill his objectives. He is working with a huge number of levadura organism modified genetically -in terms of its responsive behavior to the presence of salt-. The purpose of this research is to elucidate the robustness of some networks involved in salt selective pressure, following an experimental evolutionary approach. The robot that he is using allows him to a huge number of data belonging to a big number of organism. The robot is used to cultivate the organism and to obtain responses to the presence of salt in terms of the activity of certain genes marked via two different fluourescent proteins. He process the obtained data just using a Matlab script that he conceived by himself. We later discussed about the possibility to make a project. My role in such project will be to put together people from different background coming from the computer science world. One the project will be better conceived in my brain I will speak with Walter, to propose him to help me, via the application of Kappa in the development of the modeling part of the project. The project will turn around the evolutionary analysis of the lac operon in E. coli. A rules-based model coul be compared to experimental results obtained by Alex, who will propose the project -the experimental part- with Ron Milo. I need to contact Uri Alon to know what he thinks about this project, which will be concerned by modifications of the regulatory feedback loops via targeted mutations.