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The Simulink code of the ATK signailing pathway

  • I finished the Simulink implementation of the ATK signaling pathway. The code is Media:AKT_NEW.mdl. I will now work in the Graphic User Interface. I modify also the LaTeX file (the new version is and the important files are:
    • AKT.ppf -the phaser file-,
    • AKT_LaTeX.nb -the Mathematica file-,
    • bistabilityDMiguez.tex -the LaTeX file-, and
    • AKT_NEW.mdl - the Simulink files).

The paper on Evolution

I recovered the following paper:


by an impressive set of authors. From the paper I knew about the existence of The Society for the Study of Evolution (I must contact this society to know what they do and if would be convenient to try to be menber of it).

On the concept of synthetic letal mutations

Two mutations are synthetically lethal if cells with either of the single mutations are viable but cells with both mutations are inviable.