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Meeting with David Miguez

  • I met David Miguez today and I show him what I was doing the previous day with the information that he gave to me. He asked me to help him to understand the way Mathematica works to numerically solve differential equations. I asked him to let me know the way he perform some experiments to verify his ideas about biochemical systems working with cells. A meeting is programmed for tomorrow.
  • David says that if we really need Phaser we can Pamela to buy it.
  • I must finish my LaTeX document in order to give it to David.
  • I must complete today the information concerning the protein involved in the AKTrictorAKT system.
  • Ah! It seems that the identity -of two of the elements concerning the state x5, [pAKTp]-, is wrong. I must no forget to ask David to verify this question.


  • Today I will study some isues concerning biological robustness. Mores specifically I will study the first chapter of the book: Robustness and Evolvability in Living Systems ( the book in Amazon), by Andreas Wagner (Princeton Studies in Complexity (2007 -paperback edition-)).
  • Today I wrote to Andreas Wagner (his e-mail address at the University of Zurich is the following one: in order to look for some possible collaboration.

Some comments on the LaTeX document

  • When trying to understand the biochemical network, concerned by the mathematical model, I was confused about the dynamic behavior of the [PTEN]-[AKT] relationship (in particular the stimulating action of PTEN on AKT is not clear for me, since is not clear for me, since I read that [PTEN] has an inhibitory action on the expresion of the gene AKT). Well, maybe I am not understanding something crucial in the way this kind of biochemical pathways work.
  • I must not forget to ask to the concerned people about a software specialized in the drawing of biochemical pathways.