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Checking enzymes. Ok. however, the XhoI enzyme was wrongly or not clearly labelled and should have been XbaI.

1% Agarose Gel, 18-FEBRURARY-2011-17:44 GMT

  1. Lane 1: 10µL 1kbp NEB Quick Ladder
  2. Lane 2: 50µl pSB1K3 (A3) EcoRI
  3. Lane 3: 50µl pSB1K3 (A3) PstI
  4. Lane 4: BLANK
  5. Lane 5: 50µl pSB1C3 (A2) SpeI
  6. Lane 6: 50µl pSB1C3 (A2) XhoI
  7. Lane 7-8: BLANK