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Overnight Growth check

All bottles grew (Kanamycin backbone slowest)

  • pSB1A3
  • pSB1C3
  • pSB1K3
  • pSB1T3

Prepare media

Prepared R/L-media (not working)

Setup Digestion to check reagents

I setup an EcoRI/PstI on J04450

Run digestion on Gel

The sample was run on gel after 2hours digestion in 37ºC

Gel Result

1% Agarose Gel, 15-FEBRURARY-2011-17:44 GMT

  1. Lane 1: 10µL 1kbp NEB Quick Ladder
  2. Lane 2: BLANK
  3. Lane 3: 5µl pSB1A10/BBa_J04450/A1 EcoRI|PstI
  4. Lane 4-8: BLANK


A comparative gel can be found in the Partsregistry gel (Lane 1/ Lane M is a 2-log NEB ladder) 2log NEB ladder

FSM inoculation

I corrected my inoculation from yesterday by fixing the amount of carbon source.Yesterday I made a wrong calculation and added x100 less than needed. The samples (5x10ml) are growing in 30ºC and I have one sample 200ml growing in 28ºC also containing ferric citrate.

M9 Media with Indole deficient E.coli

I setup a 10ml tube with growth of this strain