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Transformation Check Backbones

As expected the chloramphenicol plate was doggy, the other plates grew fine

  • pSB1A3 - ok
  • pSB1C3 - no growth
  • pSB1K3 - ok
  • pSB1T3 - ok

Overnight Growth Ligation

The ligation grew fine but this is expected to not have worked so part J04550 remains - colour is red/pink

Miniprep Ligation

I extracted the plasmid of the proposed ligation growth above

Overnight Growth strains

All strains grew:

  • Mach-1
  • DH5-alpha
  • JMV-101.

Competent Cells

I prepared 3 strains of competent cells:

  • Mach-1
  • DH5-alpha
  • JMV-101.

Check Competent Cells

I set up 3 transformations with J04450, Plate 1, A1, Spring 2010.

  • Mach-1: Carbenicillin
  • DH5-alpha: Carbenicillin
  • JMV-101: Carbenicillin

Transformation pSB1C3

I set up a new transformation of this part as the previous chloramphenicol plate was doggy

Overnight Growth BioBrick Backbones

10ml LB-Broth with respective antibiotics

  • pSB1A3 - Carbenicillin
  • pSB1K3 - Kanamycin
  • pSB1T3 - Tetracycline