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Overnight Growth (Magnetospirillum Gryphiswaldense)

  1. Streak out cells on two 20ml plate of iron agar made yesterday, placing the cells in a 37ºC incubator
  2. Added 5ml cells to two 10ml bottles with FSM made yesterday, placing the cells in a 37ºC shaker

Microscopic Study of Magnetospirillum Gryphiswaldense

I also wanted to check if these cells where motile. I am not sure if this is an indication to whether they are dead or not. The cells do have flagella.

Youtube video of microscopy study

08 Schuler.jpg

Transmission electron micrographs showing cells of various magnetotactic bacteria and magnetosome crystals. The morphological forms include large rods (A, B), coccoid cells (C), and spirilla (D). Morphologies of magnetosomes include bullet-shaped (E), cubooctahedral (F) and prismatic crystals (G, H)

The biomineralization of magnetosomes in Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense