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Digestion pSense66-Ligated, Transformed and Purified

  1. .5µl 100xBSA
  2. 1µl 10xNEB#3
  3. 2µl PstI
  4. 30µl pSense66-Ligated(pBR322)-Transformed
  5. 17.5µl H20

Place in 37ºC Incubator for 2 hours.

Gel 1% Digested Plasmid and PCR

  1. Lane 1: 10µl 1kb NEB Quick Ladder
  2. Lane 2: 50µl pSense66 Plasmid Digest (PstI)
  3. Lane 3: Blank
  4. Lane 4: Blank
  5. Lane 5: Blank
  6. Lane 6: Blank
  7. Lane 7: Blank
  8. Lane 8: 50µl PCR Product (2300bp) Directly Digested with PstI (Not purified prior to digestion hence the additional bands).


Plating out pSense66 stock

I plated out 2 Kanamycin plates using the pSense66 stock obtained from overnight growth.