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Small Digestion

Set up a 5µl Digestion to confirm which sample had the insert - only one

Run Gel

I setup a 2% Gel to confirm which sample had the plasmid

Transformation of sample with insert

Seeing that only one sample had the insert - this was transformed - using a standard 1µl heat shock transformation of plasmid

Plating transformation

The two transformations where plated on perpared kanamycin plates

Colony screening for transformation

I transfered the plate that had previously beenused to extract the successful ligation onto two new test plates. All colonies where moved across each streaked into its own labeled lane. Lane 1) #1 Lane 2) #2 Lane 3) #3 Lane 4) #4

Overnight growth (10ml)

I also put on an overnight growth of the successful colony (#2) using two 10ml with 10µl 50mg/µl Kanamycin.