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Project Description

The current project seeks to investigate intergenerational effects of early life trauma using data from the Female Growth and Development Study (FGDS). This cohort is a longitudinal study under the supervision of Dr. Jennie Noll in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at PSU. The study follows female survivors of childhood sexual abuse as well as a demographically matched control group with little to no experiences of early life adversity. Now adults, these women are beginning to have children of their own. By measuring telomere length (TL) in these women and their offspring, we can determine if intergenerational transmission of trauma has occurred, specifically, accelerated aging via shorter telomere length.

  • Aim 1: Investigate impact of childhood sexual abuse on adult TL (G1)
  • Aim 2: Investigate intergenerational transmission of trauma via shortened offspring TL (G2)
  • Aim 3: Investigate concordance between TL measured in buccal cells and blood.

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