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Contact Info

Jack Hoang Lu

"Jack" Hoang Lu

  • PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University
  • MSE in Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • BS in Chemical Engineering, Columbia University

I am currently working at Janssen Research & Development at Johnson & Johnson.

I have also worked in Professor Robert K. Prud'homme's Nanoparticle engineering laboratory at Princeton University.

I have also worked in Professor Peng Yin's Molecular Systems laboratory at Harvard University.

I have also worked in Professor Jason Burdick's Polymeric Biomaterials laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.

I have also worked in Professor Scott Banta's Protein and Metabolic Engineering laboratory at Columbia University.

Select Publications

Yamada K., Ristroph K.R., Kaneko Y., Lu H.D., Sato H., Prud’homme R.K., Onoue S. (2021) “Clofazimine-loaded mucoadhesive nanoparticles prepared by flash nanoprecipitation for strategic intestinal delivery.” Pharmaceutical Research 38 (12) 2109-2118 Link.

El‐Mayta R., Zhang R., Shepherd S.J., Wang F., Billingsley M.M., Dudkin V., Klein D., Lu H.D., Mitchell M.J. (2021) “A nanoparticle platform for accelerated in vivo oral delivery screening of nucleic acids.” Advanced Therapeutics 4 (1) 2000111 Link.

Sato H., Kaneko Y., Yamada K. Ristroph K.D., Lu H.D., Seto Y., Chan H.K., Prud’homme R.K., Onoue S. (2020) “Polymeric nanocarriers with mucus-diffusive and mucus-adhesive properties to control pharmacokinetic behavior of orally dosed cyclosporine A.” Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 109 (2) 1079-1085 Link.

Le Floc’h J., Lu H.D., Lim T., Demore C., Prud’homme R.K., Hynynen K., Foster F.S. (2020) “Transcranial photoacoustic detection of blood-brain barrier disruption following focused ultrasound mediated nanoparticles delivery.” Molecular Imaging Biology 22 (2) 324–334 Link.

Kudisch B., Maiuri M., Wang L., Lim T., Lu H.D., Lee V., Prud'homme R.K., Scholes, G. (2019) “Binary small molecule organic nanoparticles exhibit both direct and diffusion-limited ultrafast charge transfer with NIR excitation.” Nanoscale 11 (5) 2385-2392 Link.

Lin T., Yan J., Ong L.L., Robaszewski J., Lu H.D., Mi Y., Yin P., Wei B. (2018) “Hierarchical assembly of DNA nanostructures based on four-way toehold-mediated strand displacement.” Nano Letters 18 (8) 4791–4795 Link.

Lu H.D., Ristroph K.D, Dobrijevic E.L., McManus S.A., Zhang Y., Feng J., Mulhearn W.D., Ramachandruni H., Patel A., Prud’homme R.K. (2018) “Encapsulation of OZ439 into nanoparticles for supersaturated drug release in oral malaria therapy.” ACS Infectious Diseases 4 (6) 970–979 Link.

Lu H.D., Pearson E.V., Ristroph K.D., Duncan G.A., Ensign L.E., Suk J.S., Hanes J., Prud’homme R.K. (2018) “Pseudomonas aeruginosa pyocyanin production reduced by quorum-sensing inhibiting nanocarriers.” International Journal of Pharmaceutics 544 (1) 75-82 Link.

Feng J., Zhang Y., McManus S.A, Ristroph K.D., Lu H.D., Gong K., White C.E., Prud'homme R.K. (2018) “Rapid recovery of clofazimine-loaded nanoparticles with long-term storage stability as anti-cryptosporidium therapy.” ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (5) 2184–2194 Link.

Lu H.D., Wang L., Wilson BK, McManus S., Jumai'an J., Padakanti P., Alavi A., Mach R., Prud'homme RK. (2018) “Copper loading of pre-formed nanoparticles for PET-imaging applications.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (4), pp 3191–3199 Link.

Lu H.D., Rummaneethorn J., Ristroph K.D., Prud’homme R.K. (2018) “Hydrophobic ion-pairing of peptide antibiotics for processing into controlled release nanocarrier formulations,” Molecular Pharmaceutics 15( 1):216-225 Link.

Zhang Y., Feng J., McManus S. A., Lu H. D., Ristroph K. D., Cho E. J., Dobrijevic E. L., Prud’homme R. K. (2017) “Design and Solidification of Fast-releasing Clofazimine Nanoparticles for Treatment of Cryptosporidiosis.” Molecular Pharmaceutics 14 (10) 3480–3488 Link.

Lu H.D., Lim L.T., Javitt S., Heinmiller A., Prud’homme R.K. (2017) “Assembly of macrocycle dye derivatives into particles for fluorescence and photoacoustic applications.” ACS Combinatorial Chemistry 19 (6) 397–406 Link.

Pansare V.J., Faenza W.J., Lu H.D., Adamson D.H., Prud’homme, R.K. (2017) “Formulation of long wavelength indocyanine green nanocarriers.” Journal of Biomedical Optics 22 (9) 1-11 Link.

Lu H.D., Yang S., Wilson B.K, Chen C.V., Robinson J.L., Brynildsen M.P., Prud’homme R.K. (2017) “Nanoparticle targeting of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria for magnetic-based separations of bacterial pathogens.” Applied Nanoscience 7 (3) 83-93 Link.

Lu H.D., Wilson B.K, Lim L.T., Heinmiller A., Prud’homme R.K. (2017) “Real-time and multiplexed photoacoustic imaging of internally-normalized mixed-targeted nanoparticles.” ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3 (3) 443–451 Link.

Weissmueller N.T., Lu H.D., Hurley A., Prud’homme R.K. (2016) “Nanoparticles from GRAS zein proteins to encapsulate hydrophobic actives.” Biomacromolecules 17 (11) 3828–3837 Pubmed.

Lu H.D., Wilson B.K, Heinmiller A., Faenza B., Hejazi S., Prud’homme, R.K. (2016) “Narrow absorption NIR wavelength organic nanoparticles enable multiplexed photoacoustic imaging.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8 (23) 14379-14388 Pudmed.

Lu H.D., Spiegel A.C., Hurley A., Perez L.J., Maisel K., Ensign L.E., Hanes J., Bassler B.L., Semmelhack M.F., Prud’homme R.K. (2015) “Modulating Vibrio cholerae quorum-sensing-controlled communication using autoinducer-loaded nanoparticles.” Nano Letters, 15 (4) 2235–2241 Pudmed.

Soranno D.E., Lu H.D., Weber H.M. , Rai R., Burdick J.A. (2014) "Immunotherapy with injectable hydrogels to treat obstructive nephropathy." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 102 (7) 2173-2180 Pubmed.

Lu H.D., Soranno D.E., Rodell C.B., Kim I.L., Burdick J.A. (2013) “Secondary photocrosslinking to stabilize shear-thinning Dock-and-Lock hydrogels.” Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2 (7) 1028-1036, Pubmed.

Dooley K., Kim Y.H., Lu H.D., Tud R., Banta S. (2012) “Engineering of an environmentally responsive beta roll peptide for use as a calcium-dependent cross-linking domain for peptide hydrogel formation.” Biomacromolecules 13 (6) 1758-1764, Pubmed.

Lu H.D., Charati M.B., Kim I.L., Burdick J.A. (2012) “Injectable shear-thinning hydrogels engineered using a self-assembling Dock-and-Lock mechanism.” Biomaterials 33 (7) 2145-2153, Pubmed.

Guvendiren M., Lu H.D., Burdick J.A. (2012) “Shear-thinning hydrogels for biomedical applications.” Soft Matter 8 (2) 260-272, Pubmed.

Lu H.D., Wheeldon I.R., and Banta S. (2010) "Catalytic biomaterials: engineering organophosphate hydrolase to form self-assembling enzymatic hydrogels." Protein Engineering Design and Selection 23 (7) 559-566, Pubmed.

Chockalingam K., Lu H.D., and Banta S. (2009) "Development of a bacteriophage-based system for the selection of structured peptides." Analytical Biochemistry 388 (1) 122-127, Pubmed.

Select Presentations

Lu H.D. (speaker), Prud’homme R.K. “Hearing and seeing nanoparticle targeting with photoacoustic imaging” 2016 Mechanisms and Barriers on Nanomedicine. Breckenridge, CO, July 2016

Lu H.D. (speaker), Prud’homme R.K. “Narrow absorption wavelength organic NIR nanoparticles enable multiplexed photoacoustic imaging.” 90th ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium, Boston, MA, June 2016

Lu H.D. (speaker), Yang S.S., Suarez S.E., O’Neill S.T., Prud’homme R.K. “Improving antimicrobial stewardship and methods of antimicrobial use with nanotechnology.” 2016 Infectious Diseases World Summit - Annual Bugs & Drugs Antibacterial Drug Discovery. San Diego, CA, June 2016

Lu H.D. (speaker), Prud’homme R.K. “Nanoparticle-based methods to enable antivirulence and targeted antimicrobial therapies.” Re-Entering Antibacterial Drug Development Summit. Boston, MA, November 2015

Lu H.D. (speaker), Weissmueller N.T., Spiegel A.C., Hurley A., Perez L.J., Maisel K., Ensign L.E., Hanes J., Bassler B.L., Semmelhack M.F., Prud’homme R.K. “Nanoparticle delivery of Vibrio cholerae communication signals.” 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition. Boston, MA, August 2015

Lu H.D. (speaker), Prud’homme R.K. “Rewiring bacterial communication for medicine.” 5th Advanced Study Institute on Global Healthcare Challenges. Antalya, Turkey, July 2014

Lu H.D. (speaker), Pan J., Link A.J. “Protein lassos and molecular switches towards better and smarter therapeutics.” 4th US-Turkey Advanced Study Institute on Global Healthcare Challenges. Adrasan, Antalya, June 2013

Lu H.D. (speaker), Burdick J.A. “Injectable self-assembling, self-healing and photostabilized ‘Dock-and-Lock’ hydrogels.” 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition. Philadelphia, PA, August 2012

Lu H.D. (speaker), Charati M.B., Kim I.L., Burdick J.A. “Injectable pseudoplastic hydrogels from a dual-component Dock-and-Lock self-assembling mechanism.” Society for Biomaterials 2011 Annual Meeting and Exposition. Orlando, FL, April 2011

Lu H.D. (speaker), Wheeldon I.R., Kim Y.H., Banta S. “Self-assembling enzymatic biomaterials for nerve agent degradation and methanol oxidation.” 11th Annual McNair Scholars National Research Conference. College Park, MD, March 2010

Lu H.D. (speaker), Wheeldon I.R., Banta S. “Leucine zipper motifs for the engineering of functional organophosphate hydrolase biomaterials.”17th Annual Penn State McNair Scholars Summer Research Conference. State College, PA, July 2009