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Plan for tomorrow : there are TWO experiments to run. One is the oscillation experiment, and one is the interaction experiment. Keep these seperate.

1) MAKE ~200mL LBKAN (200mL LB, 80uL KAN)

For oscllation: Fill up a circular vial with 50mL LBKAN. add 1% (or 500uL) of the ABC that was grown overnight. Put in incubator for 2 hrs.

For interaction: Fill up the tubes with 5mL LBKAN, and:

 -A+C (50uL)
 -B+C (50uL)
 -C (50uL)
 -ABC (50uL)


Then, take OD measurements of the cultures used to seed from O/n to determine what OD is at stationary phase.

After 2 hrs, take out oscillation vial, take OD. Track when it will reach stationary phase based on that measurements (OD doubles every 20-30 min).

After 2.1 hrs, take out interaction (all of them). Take OD. If at 0.4 or higher, but NOT stationary phase, dilutedown to 0.4 and store 2 time points for each sample. Then put all samples back, let grow to stationery.

For oscillation, when it reaches OD, take a mesurement to verify and then put immediately on countertop at room temp. Take time points every 20 minutes, 2 data points ea. To ensure the measurement is at OD0.4, just take (0.4/stationery phase OD)*1mL and spin down. Before thaking measurements always mix the vial.

Keep time logs of everything

AWESOME :D Im psyched