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Matlab Model & LED Array

  • Adjusting the previous red emission model for the correct protein production rates (I had assumed one per second), the overall production is still above 1E7 photons. With approximately 1mM of substrate, the figure jumps to 1E20 photons. This result is great!
  • We have begun designing the contraption to irradiate differentially our cultures. We think optimum would be a system of 36 event windows: 5 minutes for 3 hours. We would run parallel experiments to avoid over-stochastic effects. However, we still don't know if a mask based essay would be superior to a switch based one. If we find a dark elisa plate, we will go with the switch based. Miguel told us that if we can't find a dark plate, we paint a clear one. Sounds good.
  • We believe that a LED per well on the elisa plate would be enough. However, some team members fear even LEDs won't be strong enough, though I feel confident they will.