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28 May 2013

  • made carbinicillin 50mg/mL
      prepared 10mL (.5 grams antibiotic salt from Lab fridge), lost 3mL because the filter didn't handle the pressure of the syringe well. The antibiotic pooled on the top of the filter, I made attempts to recapture it into the non sterile falcon tube then reprocessed it through the filter, but I still lost quite a bit. Preparation was done in the hood using a 10 mL (cc) Luerlok syringe and Sterile Acrodisc 13 single use 0.2µm filter (Gelman Sciences product# 4454)
  • made RNAi Plates
     Adam assisted in making the dry mix for 60 med RNAi plates as per the plate pouring spreadsheet. Plates were poured in the hood by Heather after adding the additives specified by the spread sheet for 60 plates. I made enough plates for both Skyler and I to each have 10 treatments though I forgot to add extra for the plate check but give that we should only need 2 plates per treatment it should be ok. 
  • made LB for myself and Adam, 6.25g agar mix with 250 mL milliQ water, autoclaved in 500mL bottles for 45 mins
  • egglay for Ins-1
  • inoculate for plate screen
  • bleach w/Adam
  • read Lockery 2012