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17 May 2013

     -plate used was stock NGM plate that was starting to dry around the edges with a healthy lawn, I will need to seed new stock plates soon!
  • ROS assay with Courtney and Skyler
     -transfered 50 worms per microcentrifuge tube w/100 µl M9 solution, I did 2 tubes using ZDIS5 worms, Skyler did 3 tubes w/ ID1;B21 worms 
     -washed tubes 3x with 50µl M9 to remove bacteria - autofluoresces 
     -moved samples onto 96 well plate in sections F1-3 to H1-3
     -used plate reader in Dunlap Lab to measure fluorescence after treatment w/dye
  • Inoculated OP50 for seeding plates
     -10ml LB -> 1.5 ml w/ 5µl of strep. for experimental plates to be used on 21/May/2013
     -8 ml LB w/ 4µl strep. for stock plates