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Mary's on Her Way to Engineering Entrepreneurship

From July 25, 2009, Mary finally made up her mind to advance on the road of Engineering Entrepreneurship. And here's her personal notebook about all the efforts she made from then on towards this goal.



Notes from important lectures.


Relevant Courses on finance, marketing, project management, etc.

Personal Interview!

Personal talk with entrepreneurs and other management personnels, mostly in the field of IT and Biomedical Engineering (haha, BME's my major).

Friendly Chat

Chat with students who have the same goal as I do

My Days in the Students Association of Science and Technology

Mary's been working in the Students Association of Science and Technology of Tsinghua Medical School for three years. Now she's the President^^
Come and see how she organizes big events and incorporates project management in her leadership.



  • Dear you, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.^^

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