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Check overnight growth (4x200ml)

Part strain Growth Colonies
BBa_I15010 XL-1-Blue No NA
BBa_I15010 DH5-α No Yes 1
BBa_I15008 XL-1-Blue Yes 66
BBa_I15008 DH5-αNo Yes 48


2 parts to inoculate using transformed DH5-α

    1. 2 10ml tubes for each (4 total)
    2. Label the tubes
    3. Turn on the flame
    4. I15008, add 50μL,Ampicillin
    5. I15010, add 50μL, Kanamycin
    6. Inoculate 2 plates into each 2x 10 ml tubes.
    7. 4 tubes are then left in the shaker overnight

Check overnight growth (10x100ml)

Part strain Growth
BBa_I13453 XL-1-Blue yes
BBa_B0034 XL-1-Blue Yes
BBa_I15009 XL-1-Blue Yes
BBa_R0040 XL-1-Blue Yes
BBa_B0015 XL-1-Blue Yes
    1. Take the tubes.
    2. Remove 700μL from each tube and transfer into eppendorf tube.
    3. Add 300μL of 50% glycerol stock into each eppendorf tube.
    4. Mix by vortex.
    5. Store in -21°C freezer.
    6. Spin the 10ml tubes for 10 min at 70.
    7. Remove the supernatant
    8. Store the tubes in -21°C freezer.