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Possible Target Proteins

  • >tr|Q9XYP4|Q9XYP4_TRYCR Putative pre-mRNA splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase OS=Trypanosoma cruzi GN=TRH1 PE=4 SV=1

Putative helicase from the parasitic protist Trypanosoma cruzi. No good, pdb structures within tolerance.

  • >tr|B6RGK5|B6RGK5_9REOV NSP1 OS=Human rotavirus A PE=4 SV=1

Non-structural protein 1 from Human rotavirus A.

  • >tr|O62611|O62611_TRYCR TcC31.12 OS=Trypanosoma cruzi GN=TcC31.12 PE=4 SV=1

Possible reverse transcriptase from Trypanosoma cruzi. No close pdb structures and few homologs (rough PSI-BLAST search).

  • >gi|158999370|gb|ABW87009.1| late elongated hypocotyl and circadian clock associated-1-like protein 2 [Glycine max]

Soybean sequence with almost no PDB hits. "late elongated hypocotyl and circadian clock associated-1-like protein 2"

  • >gi|254971801|gb|ACT98136.1| TNP1 [Glycine max]

Only a few short PDB matches with E>1, and one CDD match to a Transposase domain over a short region.

  • >gi|300676590|gb|ADK26569.1| zeaxanthin epoxidase [Glycine max]

One good PDB structure to a portion of the sequence, and several CDD hits.