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  • Today was rather packed. We went through a new batch of restriction digests because the previous day's digests had failed. Both Leanna and I succeeded this time. After that, I finally got Vector NTI *and* Vista installed on my computer and uploaded a previously designed plasmid backbone map. Further, the BioBrick from yesterday was marked as completed and approved. We had ice cream, and my instructor took some pains to explain a lot of background science to our group. I further got to perform some more pipetting (which was mediocre) and attempted a complete transformation (which may just not have). Had a few cleaning tips and left lab.
  • We're not working quite as hard as we could be. Today was honestly rather introductory/explanatory, and I don't expect too much more handholding after this. Step one is to review the protocols (or at least, those I have employed) that are currently on the wiki. Step two is to edit the actual wiki and update (many?) pages before tomorrow to make it look nice/anchored. Step three is to begin playing around with Geneious (i.e., going through the tutorial) before the run through tomorrow.
    • There are a lot of simple/subtle things I'm not recording here, like the fact of which freezer DNA is placed in vs. where enzymes are placed and the like. I should probably be taking better notes, but by the time we get out of lab it seems less essential. I'd like to have this recorded for posterity, but it seems as though my notes are *mine* rather than being useful for others. That said, I'll try in the future to be more explicit. It's unfortunate that I have *not* recorded my general comments / sparked interests, which would be worth pursuing. I'll try today (it's now about 2 AM).