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This is a collection of scripts I made.

When you install the scripts, you should see a box on the left of the table telling you what helper functions you need. To install all helper functions needed, click here.

To install, copy & paste to your monobook.js


name description helpers
DefaultSummary Puts in a default summary for certain namespaces. The benefits are that if you tend to forget summaries for edits so small, obvious, or simple, it will have a default summary filled in inside the summary box. The down side is that you might become too dependent on this script and totally forget the purpose of an edit summary.
notfound Alters the "no article" message, adds to the <title> of the page " - page not found", adds the article title into the search box if page doesnt exist, replaces edit intro in edit page, adds useful links to the default not found message, and some other modifications.
newmessages This script alters the text of the new messages bar to a little nicer text, uses the "alert" function when you get a new message, adds "new message" to the document title, and it only does the above one time. Once you click OK on the alert, you will never see the bar again, until you receive a different message. It will add a tab instead. Aren't you tired of loading 50 pages in firefox tabs to find that there is an ugly new message bar on all of them? This fixes that problem. And the greatest thing is: it hides new messages spoofs so you will never deal with those again. Cookies, AddLinks
archive If you go to any page with 'archivemanage' in the url (you can just type that into the search box), it gives you some options for archiving your talk page. It basically makes archiving your page alot easier and faster. Please set the configurations at the top of the script. "archiveheader" is what is added to the top of all archives. "talkheader" is what is added to your talkpage when the script clears it. "archiveurl" is the place where you keep your archives. On the archiveurl add "NUMBER" to where the number is supposed to be in the url (do not replace this with the number. just use "NUMBER"). "archivemode" is how you want it to put the contents on the archive page. Mode 'a' means to append to the bottom, 'w' means to fill the contents in the text box. Coming soon: A way for it to automatically add the new archive to your list of archives. Cookies
examplejpg It removes Example.jpg, Bold Text, etc... from pages. Adds a tab to remove from certain pages, and automatically alters all links on the whatlinkshere pages for "link title", etc... Adds a navigation link to open the four whatlinkshere pages. Autoclicks the 'show changes' button. Remember, always check your edits, and remove extra vandalism if not caught by the script. Credits to: User:Lupin whose redlink removal script helped in the link altering on the whatlinkshere pages AddLinks
stubremove Removes stub tags from non-stub pages (when to remove stub is judged by the user, not the script). Alot like example.jpg remove. Adds a tab. Autoclicks show changes. Credits to: User:Eagle 101 who helped with the regex, and User:Where who helped with regex modifiers. AddLinks
LoadIpInfo Load info for an IP address if you are on the IP's user/talk/contribs page AddLinks
scriptstats This is for future use. It has a function for scripts to tell their status in a certain spot.
savecookie Allows for quick-saving of pages into a cookie, and you can load that cookie into another page. Note: It is good to delete the cookies (yes, there is a button to delete), because it will slow your browser speed because it is sending huge piles of header to the server, so it will take slower. Cookies
autodel (only for admins) Makes speedy deletion faster and easier. Once you install it, any page that has a delete button will also have a "autodel links" button. By clicking that, you will be prompted for a summary. Once you click OK after the summary, all links will turn green. When a link is green it means that the page it links to will be deleted with the summary from the prompt. To make links safe again, click the remove autodel links tab.
autowelcome Adds a tab to auto-welcome a user. Auto-welcome welcome is specified in configuration section at top of script. Add Links
readonly loads a css file to make wikipedia more readable when read=1 is in the URL Include
adminlistcss loads a css file that is the adminlist and highlights admins in watchlist/recent changes Include
rollback_mod Modifies the rollback button to open the user's contribs after rolling back (admins only)
speedydelete Easily speedily delete a page with the WP:CSD criteria (admins only) Cookies