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Love Wave Testing Run:

parameter file: parameter_colorado_LHT.h


lat: 31-42

lon:-116 - -105

working dir:

earthscope: /Users/gejin/data/work/gsdf/data/2010LHT

There're about 30 events in this path.

Problem right now: too many -10 and -8 error! -10 is caused by low coherency, and -8 is caused by low xcor snr. lower the standard of -10 and -8 to see the result.

Inverse for individual events

working path:

laptop: /Users/Jingle/tempdir/matmacro/GSDFdata/colorado/2010LHT

edit the file inversestadtV7_COLLHT.m under the working path to adjust the parameters work for this region.

Just found that the during 2010, TA array is not in the colorado plateau at all! FxxK

Well, the first thing to do is to generate some figures for the thesis proposal, any love wave should works. So just move the region to the east, out of colorado plateau.

Problem Found

For TA array, the most of the time it's in colorado plateau is during 2007 - 2008. We have to deal with those events!