Grimaldo Elías Urena M.

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Contact Info

  • Grimaldo Elias Ureña M.
  • Universidad Tecnologica de Panama
  • University of Houston

About Me

A modern universalist, I work in the intersection between biology, CS, and math.

  • Goal: understand biological evolutionary strategies at the molecular level.
  • Applied goal: if you can understand their game we will be able to understand their impact on health, the environment, and the economy.

With some partners founded the first biotechnology and SysBio Research Group at UTP, called "GIBBS". I am also interested in the dialogue between science & humanities, and how can generate better and deeper solutions to fundamentals problems.


  • 2014-2021 Ph.D. Biology, Evolutionary and Systems Biology, Genetics, UH
  • 2011-2012 Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Visiting Scholar at Purdue University
  • 2011, MSc Mechanical Engineering: Program of Energy & Environmental Sciences, SENACYT-Fellowship
  • 2002, BS Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, UTP

Research interests

  1. Biological Systems Modeling
  2. Genomics
  3. Synthetic Biology
  4. Energy & Environment
  5. Remote Sensing (Satellite)
  6. Philosophy: Scientific Inquiry & Social Implications. Political Sciences. STS Studies.

My Research Group @ UTP