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Today's objective is to prepare the dialysis which will be running during the spring break (until 3/20/12). We're going to change the protocol compare to what we made last time. We're going to add HCl (1M) until the solution turns pink/purple to stop the tagging reaction, and we're not goint to add Tris buffer to higher the pH. We'll add some Tris buffer after the dialysis, just before performing the fluorescence spectrum, and until the solution turns blue again. We should have to add less Tris buffer than last time because the pH has not been lower as much as last time (and the solutions' color is due to the pH of the solution).


  • BSA control solution (BSA/HCl):
  1. Add 1µL of HCl (1M)
  2. The pH was equal to 6.59 and the solution turned pink
  • 166 ratio solution:
  1. Add 37µL of HCl (1M)
  2. The pH was equal to 5.53 and the solution turned light pink
  • 70 ratio solution:
  1. Add 5µL of HCl (1M)
  2. The pH was equal to 6.83 and the solution turned light purple
  • Run the dialysis into water, water is going to be changed several times between the 3/8 to the 3/20:
  1. 11:30am and 5:20pm the 3/8
  2. 2:30pm the 3/9
  3. 10:15am the 3/10
  4. 10:45am the 3/11
  5. 2pm the 3/12
  6. 10am the 3/14
  7. the 3/19

The dialysis was performed using dialysis tubing in regenerated cellulose (Fisherbrand) and in the dark (covered by foil).