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Today we're going to continue yesterday's experiment (unstained our gel) and to synthezise some Gold fibers again because the experiment on the 19th of october didn't produce enough filaments (tube 1). Moreover, we're also going to test if proteins' fibers form even if gold is absent (tube 2)


  1. Unstain the polyacrylamide gel:
    1. Remove the blue Coomassie
    2. Add some destaining solution
    3. Leave on the shaker
  2. Gold fibers synthesis:
    1. Tube 1: add 1ml of BSA (15µM) + 2ml of HAuCl4 (0.75mM) + 7ml of water
    2. Tube 2: add 1ml of BSA (15µM) + 9ml of water
    3. Place tubes on the oven at 80°C; remove every 30 minutes and leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes


  • For the Gold NPs synthesis, we obtained a grey aggregate instead of some purple fibers (tube 1) and nothing happened in the second tube (tube 2). Further experiments have to be done to understand what happened.
  • We obtained as a polyacrylamide gel:

26oct - Electrophoresis.JPG

The protein we are interested in is present however the protein isn’t pure after one purification round, we need to conduct another purfication round.