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Background color codes:
Pastel Green: Major change of setup this time
yellow: Sung-Hye's correction or question to user

Letter color codes:
Black: Basic comment
Red: Emergency Information (Power shutdown, building access, Manager's absence etc)
Blue: Fermentation Setup information
Green: Discussion
Orange: Fermentation hrs

MACG D8 (F1/F3)

Day 0 (Dec 15 Mon)

   <Sung-Hye>            12/15/2008 (time here) Calibrate pH sensors
                                    (time here) Assemble bioreactors
                                    (time here) Autoclave
                                    (time here) Start software for Fermetner #1
                                    (time here) Start software for Fermenter #3
                                    (time here) Inoculate  Fermentation 0:00 
                                           Inoculation:  (volume?? ml) 

Day 1 (Dec 16 Tue)

   <Sung-Hye>            12/16/2008 (time here)   Fermentation 0:00 
                                           Acid ( ml) Base ( ml)
   <Sue>                 12/16/2008 (time here)  Fermentation 0:00 
   <Sung-Hye>            12/16/2008 (time here)  Fermentation 0:00 
                                           Havest and Finish Fermentation

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