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Main idea

To the date, Mexico has not collaborated with the registry. Time have come for a change!

While designing a diffusible signal oscillator I noticed there was not an inverter of lix using LuxPL in the registry. That part would serve (along with HSL) as an inverter and it would be extremely useful. The biobrickcan be assembled from a LuxR protein generator <bbpart>BBa_I0462</bbpart> and the left promoter of lux <bbpart>BBa_R0063</bbpart>.

First Mexican part!

I have requested approval for recovering the necessary biobricks. Latter I'llassemble them.

It is very important to remember that we cannot achieve silver or gold medals without sending biobricks to the registry, also we need to standardize the part so that it can become a biobrick. It would be nice if we were able to get different parameters for this part like it was done with <bbpart>BBa_F2620</bbpart>, that might allow us to compete for the best biobrick but perhaps that is to much for now.


  • It seems that in the abscence of LuxR and HSL <bbpart>BBa_R0063</bbpart> is a medium promoter... for an oscillatory devise such as the one I'm planing I would like a strong promoter instead but I guess I'll have to deal with this.
  • Apparently LuxR don't have a degradation tag nor can we add it to the biobrick for it is not build with the Silver's method... a shame. In order to improve the part it would have to be synthesized again with the corresponding modifications, that would cost more less 200$, too expensive for me.

Project Entries

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