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Notes for Lyonnet/Vekemans group meeting

Notes for group meeting 7-7-09

Myriam Oufadem, project RTN. Phox2b -/- die at E13.5; +/- mice have subtle phenotype but not great model either at P2 or P10.

+7 ala modele (htz). “Phox2b 27ala/+” good model, better response to normocapnia and no reaction to hypercapnia. Die in a few hours and get eaten if leave in the litter.

Are neurons of HB sensitive to pH? No Phox2b + vGlut2, Atoh1+, NK1R + neuron in HB of the KI mice. Are these the ones responsible for respiratory problems? (Are neurons present then atrophied, or not specified to begin with?)

RTN pFRG nucleux equivalent in humans? (highly ventral to other nuclei). Reticular formation.

Slices of brain and HIS in macaque – question is why continue; immunohistochimie as well on fetal sections.

First trials on mice HIS with TCF4 or calretinin. DAB for the immunohisto.

Some double-label of calretinin and Phox2b in ventricular part of E12.5 embryo TCF4

Fetus 0700249 3x blocs paraffine. (Myelomeningocoele(?) presumably normal brain)

Ferechte looked at HE and will choose which to hybridize. 26-28 sa good stage. Add an adjacent stain in cresyl violet (my suggestion).

Is the noyau arque the same as the RTN/pFRG?

Need three markers in mouse to determine ID of RTN.

Eloignement de RTN vs nVII (Phox2b++++) b/c of fiber tracts eg pyramidal? Will need to see. Position versus liquide cephalorachidien? (afferents?)

Lucifer Yellow/ DiI crystal stain. Ferechte can make more targeted dissection. Conversion into permanent product in the soma?

Try to recover EMB090007 for HB sections.

Laurence C. after 18mo. Sanger collaboration gave back to Jeanne a list of which ¾ have not yet gone onto CGH high res array – revise which patients are going on to this array? Known diagnosis, dominant genetics hopefully. First try for Kabuki, MURCS/Rokitansky, Pierre-Robin syndromic, Schinzel-Giedion etc. She did not send those w/o parents. Are there other patients who could pass on there? List to Anna

Glioblastoma has the same proliferating vasculopathy as Fowler – project. (Teratoma? A voir…) --

For financing of the ARC appel d’offres pour le 15 juillet.

(I never submitted this).