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Notes for tidbits with Asma, wimple gene, cell fix and reglementation


NF-Kb leads to H which would lead to repression of b-cat signaling. Use the fetal skin that Carine had used for ADAMSTS12 which was a fetus 06-0262 whose skin at 36sa was fixed in PFA by Chantal. Uretre posterieur as diagnosis – check this out with Tania if possible. GAB…

Candice has cut 15 slides of the 06-0262.

Collaborator had obtained normal expression in follicles of EDAR, B-cat, H also in other annexes; in the EDA-/- mouse none of that. Or in patients?

Choose slides for imminent ISH.

Small bit of paper!

Interaction between Wimple and LHX3/4 in PubMed search. Wimple is a ciliary intraflagellar transport protein PMID:10788441.

It is on 2p23.3 as are POMC and urocortin and OTOF (deafness) and prolactin regulatory element binding PREB.

I wondered if there would be ISL1 targets on 2p23.3 like the LBH gene in the ChIP-Seq experiments. Christelle tells me recently (Oct 29th) that the results of the 1 million + reads are fairly inconclusive.

Possible fixatives for cells:

Used 150 mM sucrose and 4% paraformaldehyde in buffered PBS. Could have used also 2mM MgCl2 (although also 10 mM EGTA? And 10-60mM PIPES buffer?) and up to 300 mM sucrose. The cells do not look very good after such fixation (the 24-well plates, now they have a lot of debris and detached cells) and probably the fact that the fridge was broken for up to a week did not help them.

Keeping in PBS with 150mM sucrose.

Contacts at INSERM for affaires juridiques around human tissue transfers eg. to-from England: Georges Dagher for tissues foetaux at 01 44 23 63 57 and Corinne Sebastian at 01 44 23 60 44 for embryonic cells. which is a base for cell distribution then would not ever have to make more material transfer agreements. Potentially for hNCC.

Mme Violaine Desiré at the ADR Paris 5 is for MTAs violaine.desire at at 01 40 78 49 89 – her equivalent is Mme Claudie Cambon can be reached by mta.adr_toulouse at for their submission. The former would like me to send her the e-mail coordinates of the Indian person who put together the MTA proposal in England.

Get docs for submitting the regulatory papers to the ministry of research at http://www/ for stem cells or http://www/