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Notes for Inaugural Colloquium for Developmental Biology Institute at Curie Institute

Took notes from the following people, rather than copying them out they are in the orange folder. Too long to type; I should have taken notes on the laptop.

  • Paul Nurse - cell cycle in yeast.
  • Walter Gehring - Pax6 - check out his website.
  • Denis Duboule - by far the best talk. Gurnemanz in Parsifal (Wagner) declared, "You see, my son, time /Changes here to space." Talked about the management of colinearity and timing of transcription of Hox genes.
  • Joan Brugge - Suicide-murder of homeless cells. Former boss of Artavanis-Tsakonas. How anchorage helps keep cells in check in breast cancer, and how some cells can swallow others even when they are not supposed to. Entosis.
  • Gerry Rubin - what he's doing at the Janelia Farm. Using thousands of enhancer traps to make tools that will label one or a few neurons each in Drosophila. What he calls the "promoter bashing" method. Has 3648 homozygous stocks on hand, out of 5500 fragments to analyze. Have imaged a thousand or so brains and spinal cords (30K cells total).
  • Yohanns Bellaiche - modelling convergence-extension in epithelial sheets. What he calls cell texture, where neighbor relationships define a cell status.
  • Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas - Notch signaling, in particular in the intestinal crypt, and interaction with Wnt cascade. Activated Notch under an Eyeless promoter leads to a bigger eye. I wondered if that would have any impact in the other direction, such that less Notch 1 might lead to microphthalmia and more Notch 1 to myopia? Anyhow, that effect can be suppressed by increasing APC (which decreases effective Wnt signaling) or enhanced by lowering APC (GOF Wnt). Has done a modifier screen in Drosophila with the eyeless-activated N, has 107 strong enhancers and 15 strong repressors. Many of these are in Wnt, Hh, Jnk pathways. Wg, for instance, but also Hephaestus, tramtrack and jumeau. Another group of the strong enhancers comprises chromatin modifiers; under the eyeless promoter, get bits of "metastatic" eyes like for Pax6. These are: lola (cf. tramtrack from same type of TF family), pipsqueak, shortstop hemidesmosomal protein, CG6254, CG12344 and CG16708 acylsphingosine kinase.

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