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Notes for group meeting Calvas-Malecaze for October

Warning: in franglais.

Réunion de groupe moins le premier 30 minutes - lundi 6 octobre 2008

Strategic decisions on which part of projects to present to which funding mechanisms : keratoconus, myopia and development (genes and stem cells).

Patrick absent from Monday 13th to Oct 25th.

“Transfert” – brevets sur diagnostique moléculaire de mutations en gènes… CIC (centre d’investigation clinique) on peut breveter non des gènes mais la valorisation de la technique (valeur ajoutée par rapport a une paire d’amorces/conditions de temperature et adjuvants PCR). Micro/anophtalmie en « appel d’offres CIC »

Appel d’offres postdoc – chinois fin de thèse qui travaille à Belfast, expérience en génétique multifactorielle ; Patrick voudrait le recruter. Non francophone mais au moins l’anglais. Potential arrival in early November.

Keratoconus : Genotypage Matthias says it’s underway. First samples will go at end of this week (96 samples). Tractations de TVA exempt…ou pas ? Will receive corneas for RNA extraction by the end of the month. Will use Qiazol protocol for extraction of total RNA including miRNAs.

PHRC for this – will be sent to INSERM and will receive receipts. Retina France 40K can add 300 more puces. Retina is “reconductible” if the association is okay with it – check out other accounts. Leave Rotary for the same idea.

Stéphane: proteomique – 6 pairs of corneas for spring 2009; by Christmas for 5 pairs and already have 3 pairs. Pool of common proteins between all corneas, some just normal some just

Money meeting between now and end of the week. Get a purchase order for Ingenuity for last year – but for this year, not necessary, or pay it on the Necker credits.

Cicatrisation student who will work with Stéphane – Dawiyat as Ph.D. student. Virus with MMP14 3h before trepanation. Treated eyes recover much better already by J7 than the non-treated eyes – much more spread opacities. Transgene is definitely expressed by J3 as much as endogenous, 2-3x more by J7. Francois wants to know why didn’t inject with virus a whole week before the trepanation? Stéphane did not want to have an effect on the healing of the epithelium but on the stroma, when the remaniment is highest, which is at about J14-21. Stopped at 3 weeks. These are the mouse eyes that are being processed for paraffin embedding. Patrick asks if there is an indirect effect of the transfected stroma on the overlying epithelium?

How does the part of the cornea without trepanation keep its transparency, even though collagenase is expressed? May be by cleavage of emprin.

Pax6 missense mutations (not RNA decay) R40H, etc – lots of neovessels and sclerocornea. Due to absence of Pax6 in stem cells of cornea?

Lots of discussion around finding the niche for potential stromal stem cells. Peripheral injected, labelled cells do they make it to a central injury in the stroma or not?

Everyone tired by 4PM.

  • Heather 11:25, 6 October 2008 (EDT):