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Notes for what I did today that doesn't fit into any of the projects

  • Created a temporary lab website over on wikispaces in order to test some of the advantages vaunted by Jean-Claude Bradley last Saturday. Would just as well make a lab webpage and notebooks for them on here, but it would be great not to see the markup and have a visual editor, instead.
  • Would be nice to have computer support staff so I can get back to doing some developmental biology.
  • Wrote about why it can be useful, or at least not counter-productive, to blog.
  • Used GoogleDocs for the first time, probably a good system if all documents are also backed up on a local lab computer. Need to find out how to back up wikis offsite, generally. Will write Jean-Claude about this.
  • For the "log" part of experimental entries, the time-stamp feature is really useful, especially if more than one person is participating in an experiment. On the other hand, making entries by experiments rather than by day - so as to string them along over a few days as one can observe here for example - is quite good as well. I'm slowly coming to a list of desired features to make a lab notebook work.
  • How painful is it for them to enter tags? That might be how one can aggregate different people's entries from different times into a chronological narrative; a tag would be an experiment number or, more generally, a project. But experiments are more bite-sized and modular.
  • Alethea 09:40, 2 September 2008 (EDT):