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Test of Miniprep Reagents

  • From the cultures that are currently growing, I will do a test of the miniprep reagents leftover from last year.
  • Buffer P1 is in the 4ºC fridge, P2, Neutralization etc. are on Tony Lam's bench right now.
  • Ran miniprep with iGEMers in the afternoon:
    • Each person took 1.5 mL of culture from one of the three tubes, and spun down according to Rafael's protocol.
    • Ignored the 5 min. waiting step after adding in lysis buffer.
    • Stored at 4ºC overnight.
  • Measured DNA concentration:
Sample [DNA] (ng/µl) A260/A280 Notes
EF 92.9 2.02 Dried using spinning vac
MW 70.6 2.06 Dried using spinning vac
JG 182.7 2.05
PC 56.7 1.99
VM 98.0 1.94
  • Some notes about this:
    1. The samples were miniprepped using cultures that were not very dense (didn't measure OD, so not very sure on this), but they certainly didn't look like they had reached stat phase in growth. This might explain the small amount of DNA present.