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The story so far

Based on the gels yesterday, everything that came up on the 10 mM AA plates has more of the barcode-sized fragment than the acsA-sized. I am going to investigate a smaller number of clones with 3 PCR assays, though I can only do two today:

  • BC-F + acsA screen R
    • Ta = 52, extension = 1:00 (861 bp)
  • acsA screen F + acsA screen R
    • Ta = 50, extension = 3:50 (3883 bp)
  • internal acsA F (submitted today) + acsA screen R
    • Ta = 50, extension - 1:15 (1215 bp)

I will run all of these with only 25 cycles (vs yesterday's 35), since the BC bands seemed to overwhelm some lower-copy elements in yesterday's gel.

Internal barcode + flanking gel

Pflegerlab 2012-06-26 14hr 39min colony PCR BC+Flanking.jpg