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Plate makin'

Gonna make 3 250 mL batches of kan+acrylate plates for growing up the transformants, once that happens

  • Each batch will be two separate bottles to autoclave
    • One 125 mL bottle of 2x media A (stock in Matt's fridge)
    • One 125 mL bottle of 3% Bacto agar in milliQ H2O (3.75 g if 1 g/mL)
  • Once it cools, combine the bottles (gently!)
  • Add B12, 50μL per 1 L of plate liquid (so this time, 12.5 μL in each bottle
  • Add acrylate, from the .5 M stock on Matt's bench
    • 50 μM: 25 μL stock
    • 500 μM: 250 μL stock
    • 5 mM: 2.5 mL stock
  • Add kanamycin for kan100 (500 μL of the Kan50 stock per each 250 mL)
  • Mark 'em with 1-3 black stripes (least to most concentrated) and 1 blue, then into fridge