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Microscope and camera training

  • Turn on the camera with tiny push power button on camera itself (to left of microscope)
  • Turn on microscope with box to the left
  • Turn on joystick thing that moves the stage with box sitting on shelf above the computer (to right of microscope)
  • Plus the same box as before that needs to be turned on for the trough (to right of the microscope)
  • To move from eye to camera is the stopper you pull in and out on the right
  • Program on computer is called QCapturePro. Helpful videos online (and saved on my computer). Basically need to use the Acquire->Digital Image which pulls up all of the needed boxes.
  • Should be pretty close to the focus right now, probably only need to do fine focus
  • Our images that came out of the test run with Briana's lipids are pretty good
  • Russ is going to meet us (Briana and I) at 2 or so next Wednesday

Concerns we thought of as we ran the test experiment

  • What are we going to do about bleaching as the experiment runs - it doesn't bleach like immediately, but if we try to follow the same spot (like for a movie) it will bleach if we keep it there for twenty minutes
  • Another concern is that as the barriers compress, the field of focus will shift as the water level goes up. That means we would need to continually be adjusting the focus (which we can do, we just need to know that it is necessary)
  • Also for movies we can't save that long of a movie. We just don't have the RAM. But we could maybe add some more RAM to the computer if I checked and we have an open slot in the case.