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DMTAP flow cells

  • Run comparison of DMPG to DMTAP
  • Make .1 mM and .5 mM
  To get that from 2mM stock, use 125 uL to 375 uL
  Then from 0.5 to 0.1 use another 100 uL to 400 uL
  • First did PG, 0.5 mM with very similar results from previous runs
  • Then I did TAP 0.5 mM and it looks different. It is . . . grainier? It is easier to pick out individual vesicles. That make sense knowing the charge of the pll coated glass is positive with TAP head group being positive (versus negative PG head group). It would mean less TAP are sticking to the glass.
  • I see very similar things with 0.1 TAP. There are even less vesicles.
  • I think that means that when there are positive head groups every so often in the vesicle, that they are less likely to stick to the positively coated surface. Now, for next time, I think I will use the PG for a control cell with MTs, then use the TAP and see what happens.
  • I also looked back and forth between focusing on the cover slip and the slide, and more vesicles are sticking to the glass slip, but that may have to do with me setting it slip side down when I set it in the drawer.