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Liposome Flow Cells

  • Redid calculation - got Mlipid=3.04E-5 mM or 2.29E10 liposomes
  • Made a diluted liposome solution with serial dilution - first 0.001 mM then 3.04E-5 mM
  • Put only the liposomes into a flow cell, no MTs
  • Dilution from calculation was way too low. Could only see scattered liposomes (10-20 per field of view)
  • But could see how big one liposome looks to me on the microscope
  • And I think there weren't any bare spots on the glass because it didn't look like lipids coating the glass in that way (looked like point sources)
  • Ran another flow cell, this time with 0.001 mM total lipids (the first mixture I diluted)
  • This had more liposomes in the field of view. Definitely more. But still was not covering lysine-coated slide.
  • So I need to have a higher concentration than this. Maybe . . . 100 times? That would be 0.1 mM total lipids
  • Scheduled for 2:30 on Friday to use microscope