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Entry title

  • Put liposome solution, same as previous tries except with PEM instead of PEM-T on flow cell marked R
  • Take that cell out of the drawer at 9:13 am, rinse with PEM, seal with nail polish
  • Other flow cell, just rinse with PEM and then seal with nail polish
  • The first slide will be PLL without liposomes
  • Background with just PLL does not seem significant
  • There are bright spots, but they are not bleaching so they are probably just gunk
  • There is a very low level amount on the rhodamine filter, and slightly more brightness all over the flow cell on the FITC filter

  • Now PLL with liposome mixture added
  • There is now basically nothing on the FITC filter - at least nothing I can see
  • On rhodamine there is bright red everywhere (uniform) in the flow cell

OK, so now that I am more comfortable with this process next steps are:
1) Make some more flow cells (rinsing after PLL bath)
2) Make some more liposomes - maybe with the mixtures I already made up in buffer, went through freeze/thaw, etc, and test with DLS
3) Try this again, this time with a more dilute mixture of liposomes, like crazy dilute, and see if it still has the uniform fluorescence
4) Fiddle around with that to see at about what concentration I still get uniform coverage
5) Now add MTs back in, try imaging with them again