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Prep and Plan

  • Made two flow cells, one with a rinsed slide one not rinsed

1) Background images
a. PLL without anything
b. PLL with liposomes
2) PLL surface - Determine a recipe that will work every time knowing these facts:
a. I have to coat slides and slips with PLL before assembling flow cell
b. I could make up a stock of flow cells OR a stock of PLL coated slides and slips OR just cleaned slides and slips
c. I think what is taking quite a bit of time is DRYING the slides and slips after coating so it seems that what takes the most amount of time is the lysine step - I think I need to make up a stock that is PLL coated at least, and maybe assemble on the day of? (Assembling flow cell part doesn't really take that long itself)
i. Put tape on each side, smoosh (technical term) with the edge of the retracted razor blade
ii. Cut the pieces of tape down with razor blade (hard to make a clean break at the edge to grab and pull off)
iii. Put slip on, and smoosh again, making very sure to smoosh the edges well