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Flow Cell Again

  • Decided to do new flow cells, some rinsed after the lysine bath with water, some dried directly after lysine bath.
  • Plan was to clean, treat with lysine two new slides and cover slips. After they sit for 10 minutes in lysine bath, will rinse one of them, just air dry the other.
  • Revision to plan - broke the first two slides when trying to press the double stick tape down (one cracked, one slipped off workbench) - the slips were still fine, so I just washed and lysine treated four more slides.
  • I left these in the lysine bath while I dried one at a time and tried to make a flow cell. That way, depending on what broke, I could rinse or air dry the slides as needed.
  • Each slide or slip I rinsed I marked with an "R". I left the ones I dried blank.
  • Only one of the four broke (cracked again), so I ended up with 2 rinsed flow cells and one air dry flow cell. They are in the same red box as the old flow cells, in the later slots 15-17.

Thoughts about slides breaking:

  • Make sure I am applying equal pressure on both sides of the slide, I think that's why the one broke.
  • Be careful tape doesn't catch to the edge of the bench, I think that's why the one fell off.
  • The other one, I am not exactly sure what went wrong, but it may have been unequal pressure again.

  • Need to put PC-PG solutions in desiccator for Monday