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Prep Work

  • Today I cleaned slides and cover slips in order to make flow cells. When cleaning, use tops of pipette tip containers as the "baths" for lysine so make sure the slides and slips fit in a single layer in the bottom of those.
  • To clean them:
  • Put in soapy bath and vortex for 180 seconds (vortex turns on automatically when you plug it in)
  • Then rinse off the soap with MilliQ water a few times, rinse out bath, and then fill bath with MilliQ and vortex for 180 seconds again.
  • Could use tweezers, but have to clean them first
  • Once done, can fill up with poly-L-lysine solution which is in the fridge in a 5 mg/mL bottle. It needs to be diluted to 0.1 mg/mL in a centrifuge tube. So for 50 mL total, need 1 mL of the 5 mg/mL solution. Needs to be filtered if using for a second time. Use a syringe and a filter cap, in the lower drawers/cabinets. Take out the plunger, already have the filter tip on the syringe and have it over the new centrifuge container. Put back the plunger and it can be pushed down VERY SLOWLY. It needs to be done over the sink or over some paper towels at least. Sitting down helps, but really it is just going to take awhile.
  • Then use the filtered or brand new 0.1 mg/mL solution to pour over the clean slides. Let sit for 10 minutes. Then needs to dry, either overnight in the fridge like today, or with blown nitrogen.
  • Remember not to toss the polylysine