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Extrusion and DLS of new sample

  • Extrusion process went smoothly today.
  • I looked at the vesicles with DLS. NOTE: I should have saved the little beaker of PBS so I didn't have to pour more out.
  • Results were very similar to the results from the batch from Friday, surprisingly. So that means the Friday batch hadn't decayed yet I guess. Next up is to make some with 30% PG, and then add in Texas Red.
  • I want to see if I get a similar size for the part PC part PG vesicles. If I do . . . that is pretty small. I'll have to check if I can see them at all.

First Batch:
RH - 64.18 ± 3.51 nm
Correlation Function


Peak 1 2
Max 3.84 66.56
Mean 3.93 62.42
Min 0.69 27.84
Area % 1.34 98.66


Second Batch
RH - 68.79 ± 4.71 nm


Peak 1 2
Max 3.71 63.70
Mean 3.74 59.39
Min 0.61 23.04
Area % 1.65 98.35


I did a few more tests, with similar results