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Notes on DLS

  • I have a 2mM lipid. I need to dilute it to 2% of its original volume, maybe in a centrifuge tube or something. That would mean for every 20 microliters into 1000 microliters total volume.
  • Correlation function should start at 1 and go down to 0. Use cumulant template to get a good value for RH and use regularization template to get an idea of the spread of sizes
  • Right now, values for RH for vesicles from Friday over several tests look to be around 65 to 70. This is smaller than the expected 100, but it is consistent at least. I will do a new batch of vesicles tomorrow morning, immediately do the DLS and then I will compare the results.
  • Made diluted solution for DLS in 2 mL centrifuge tubes which ended up working well. Now how clean they are is another question. In the regularization I am getting a small bump of way bigger particles at the edge which is probably dust.