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Day 2 of Vesicle Extrusion

  • The solution for the vortex spinner worked! And there is an added benefit to using the 10 mL vial as well. When doing the freeze/thaw, I didn't have to use tweezers which was much easier.
  • I ran into a slight problem with the mini-extruder. I didn't realize at first, but the syringes have a ring you can tighten on the end, and it had loosened on both syringes. (Probably from me taking them out of the extruder.) When I tried to depress the plunger on the syringe it wouldn't go through the extruder, but just leaked out onto the holding block. Once I tightened the ring, the syringe worked fine.
  • I examined the membrane today, and I could notice a definite change of it looking dirtier. The lipid solution was also much clearer.