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  • Made 1 mL total of egg PC, in desiccator now
  • Got tubing to fix vacuum dryer in biosensor lab, will use extra to try to air dry sample if it is not finished by Friday
  • Experimented with old sample in a 10 mL tube and the vortex spinner and I think the plan is:
    Put on the top that is black and looks all bumpy if not already on.
    Put vial near the edge.
    Put long pieces of tape (3 at least) connecting edge of vial closest to edge to "underside" of 
    the edge
    Put more pieces of tape (2 at least) going lengthwise across other side of vial connecting it to 
    black top
    Turn vortex spinner on lowest setting (1000)
    Don't walk away for awhile to make sure tape isn't working loose
    Cross my fingers, hope for the best, and check back often