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Making PEM Buffer

Today I made a batch of PEM Buffer. The ingredients for 250 mL of PEM Buffer at pH 6.89 are

  • 6.074 g of PIPES to get 80 mM
  • .0951 g of EGTA to get 1mM
  • .25 mL of MgCl2 1 M solution to get 1mM
  • 30.125 mL of NaOH 1 M solution to get ~125 mM

These are important things for me to remember:

- Clean glassware is over the Autoclave

- DON'T put pipettes in stock solutions

- When using the pH meter don't put cap on before filling with the storage solution and recovering hole with tape

- To clean a spatula (scooper tool) use soapy sponge, rinse in sink, then rinse with MilliQ (18.2 ohms resistance) water, then rinse with alcohol, then rinse with MilliQ again

- When measuring out ingredients, the scale takes a long time to come to the right weight