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To create stock solutions for the reactants used to produce gold nanoparticles and to decide which dye should be used for nanoparticle functionalization.


  1. Make 40 mL of a 17.7 uM stock solution of BSA by mixing 0.0468 g BSA with 40 mL water.
  2. Make 20 mL of a 2.9 mM stock solution of HAuCl4 by mixing 0.0197 g HAuCl4 with 20 mL water.
  3. Selected a dye from Marker Gene Technologies Inc.


No data was collected today


  • The dye that will be used must either have a red shift or blue shift from the absorbance wavelength of the gold nanoparticles and must contain a succinimidyl group.
  • The dye selected is 5(6)-Carboxynapthofluorescein, N-succinimidyl ester (C33H19NO9. This dye is a long wavelength fluorophore that reacts with terminal and internal lysine residues at a pH of 8-9. Its fluorescence is pH dependent. It absorbs at 602 and emits at 672 nm.