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To synthesize gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) from bovine serum albumen (BSA) and HAuCl4


  1. A 10 mL aqueous mixture of 0.001 g BSA (0.0015 mM) and 0.001 g HAuCl4 (0.25 mM) was created using a 50 mM acetate buffer with a pH of 4.3.
  2. The reaction tube was then heated at 80°C for 2 and a half hours
  3. Every 30 minutes the UV-vis Spectrometer was used to assess the progress of the reaction. Measurements were also taken of the buffer and the reaction mixture at the beginning of the reaction. A wavelength range between 200 and 800 nm was used.


Time vs. Absorbance at 550 Aug 31.png

Wavelength vs. Absorbance Aug 31.png


  • At the beginning of the reaction, the solution was colorless. 30 minutes into the reaction, the solution had a yellow color. An hour after the beginning of the reation, the solution was once again colorless and large flakes were seen in the solution. These flakes are likely proteins that have fallen out of the solution and were present throughout the remainder of the reaction


Need 0.0015 mM of BSA

0.0015 mmol/L x 1L/1000 mL x 10 mL = 0.015 mmol/1000 = 1.5 x 10-5 mol x 66776 g/mol = 0.001 g BSA

Need 0.25 mM of HAuCl4

0.25 mmol/L x 1L/1000 mL x 10 mL = 0.0025 mmol/1000 = 2.5 x 10-6 mol x 393.83g/mol = 0.000985 g HAuCl4