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WHO/FAO 2002 dose-response

Specific questions on WHO/FAO 2002 Salmonella dose-respose:

- when fitting outbreak data, each data point was associated with an uncertainty range in both Log(Dose) and Attack rate. A random value from this range was sampled at each fitting iteration. I am assuming that the uncertainty range was sampled uniformly for both variables, could you confirm this? What was the reason for choosing a uniform distribution (in other words, how would you determine the range for new outbreaks)?

- the WHO/FAO document mentions 5000 beta-Poisson parameter pairs derived while fitting the curve: is the data set available? (that would save me lots of time, as I'd be able to plug the dose-response error in the risk assessment right away)

- are the macros used to fit the data available (I assume they are in Visual Basic)?